3 free agent running back options Seattle Seahawks could sign amidst injuries

The Seahawks are already dealing with injuries at the running back position heading into the 2023 season.
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Seahawks could sign Ezekiel Elliott

As the Seattle Seahawks face uncertainty with their injured running backs, Kenneth Walker III and Zach Charbonnet, they may explore potential solutions in the free-agent market. One attractive option could be Ezekiel Elliott, the former star running back of the Dallas Cowboys. While there have been discussions about a potential decline in his explosiveness in recent seasons, there's no denying the impact Elliott has had during his tenure with the Cowboys.

Ezekiel Elliott's track record as a dynamic and productive running back cannot be overlooked. He has consistently displayed his ability to break tackles, gain tough yards, and be a reliable option in both rushing and receiving situations. Despite any perceived drop in explosiveness, Elliott's football IQ, vision, and instincts on the field still makes him a valuable asset for any team in need of backfield support.

Moreover, the Seahawks' offensive scheme, led by the experienced coaching of Pete Carroll, has historically accommodated versatile running backs. Elliott's skill set aligns well with the Seahawks' offensive approach, making him a potentially seamless fit if the team decides to pursue him.

While Walker and Charbonnet's injuries remain a concern, Ezekiel Elliott could provide immediate assistance to the Seahawks' backfield and give them the necessary stability until the duo is fully recovered. His experience in high-pressure situations and ability to handle a heavy workload make him an attractive candidate to bolster the Seahawks' offensive arsenal.

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