3 unexpected free agent signings Seattle Seahawks could still make happen

The Seattle Seahawks created some cap space recently by extending Uchenna Nwosu and reworking Quandre Diggs' deal for 2023.
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The Seattle Seahawks have a little cap room to work with currently. At least, they have more now than they did just four days ago. After signing Uchenna Nwosu to an extension and reworking Quandre Diggs' base salary for into a signing bonus, Seattle likely has around $15-16 million in cap room currently. Sort of.

The exact details of Nwosu's base 2023 salary are being worked out. Prior to the extension, Nwosu's base salary was $7.5 million and his per-game roster bonuses meant he really ate up about $8 million in cap. But after the extension, Seattle can lower his base to around $2 million. After accounting for his signing bonus (which would be 25 percent since the extension was for three years after this season), Nwosu will eat up about $4-5 million.

Basically, extending Nwosu will free up about $4-5 million as well (maybe a bit more) right now. The Seahawks had about $7.6 million in cap room before the Nwosu extension and could have as much as $18 million (maybe a bit less) afterward, including the Quandre Diggs restructure. But Seattle still has to sign practice squad players and first-round draft pick Devon Witherspoon.

Three free agents Seattle Seahawks should try to sign with newly created cap room

Witherspoon, of course, was not at the start of training camp as Seattle and Witherspoon's were still trying to work out how much of his contract will be frontloaded. As far as the cap goes, whatever Witherspoon's people and the Seahawks figure out shouldn't affect the cap. Witherspoon will eat up around $5 million of the cap.

Seattle can sign up to 16 players for their practice squad and each of those players makes $12,000 a week. Over an 18-game season, that equates to $3.456 million going toward the practice squad. Seattle also won't want to get down to absolute zero in cap room as they have to assume players will get injured during the season and may have to add replacement players. Teams like to keep around $3 million, give or take, in cap room for those situations.

So let's assume Seattle currently has $18 million in cap room currently, subtract Witherspoon's deal, the practice squad, and the bumper for injuries and that brings the cap to around $6.5 million to spend. So which players should they try to bring in?