3 free agents that could immediately start for the Seattle Seahawks in 2023

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Seattle Seahawks could use inside linebacker Kyle Van Noy

The Seahawks appear to have wanted to get faster and younger this offseason. They signed inside linebacker Devin Bush who is only 25 years old and should have some speed, but one could make the argument that Seattle isn't yet totally sold on Bush because he was only signed to a one-year deal for a max of $3.5 million. Bush should be OK next to Bobby Wagner, but Seattle might also still be able to do better.

The hope could be that Bush has a terrific 2023 season and Seattle will worry about an extension next offseason. But if Seattle isn't truly thinking long-term about its ILB spots (even Bobby Wagner was signed to just a one-year contract) then maybe they would still want a player who can help them this year.

This is where Kyle Van Noy comes in. Van Noy is 32 years old so he, like Suh, would not be a long-term answer at his position. But does Van Noy improve the Seahawks in 2023? Yes, absolutely. Van Noy has been consistent at getting pressure on quarterbacks throughout his career (he has at least 5 sacks in five of his last six seasons), but he also grades well (per Pro Football Focus - subscription required) in pass coverage. Van Noy simply does more things better (quarterback hurries and pass coverage) than Bush at this point.

Van Noy next to Bobby Wagner would be a terrific duo. Maybe it won't be the same duo in 2025 (or maybe even in 2024), but as Wagner and Bush are only signed through 2023, Seattle signing Van Noy to a one-year deal isn't out of the question. Plus, Van Noy might be signed for only a bit over $2 million and Seattle can definitely afford that.