Geno Smith finally gets more Bobo in Seattle Seahawks victory over Panthers

Seattle defeated Carolina in Week 3 with a little help of Smith to Bobo.
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Let's be real for a second and start with a bit of negativity. While receiver Jake Bobo was a preseason star, he hasn't really gotten many looks from quarterback Geno Smith. Some of that is on Smith because we have seen Bobo be open at times - like in Week 1 when Bobo was running down the middle of the field with no defensive backs close to him and what would have gone for a 25-yard gain or so - and Smith just has decided not to throw Bobo the ball.

But 12s always want more Bobo and in Week 3 against the Carolina Panthers we got it.

With the Seahawks up 29-20 in the fourth quarter and after Seattle had taken over on downs from Carolina, Seattle drove to the Panthers 5-yard line when on second-and-goal, Geno Smith found Jake Bobo in the end zone. But the play was not a simple pass-and-catch.

Smith had to throw the ball high enough for the 6'4" Jake Bobo to outjump the defender and then Bobo had to know he was going to be hit when he caught the ball and still keep his feet inbounds. That is exactly what happened as Bobo took the ball high in the air and then had the awareness to tap his toes on the ground before being forced out of bounds. Touchdown, Seahawks!

Jake Bobo helps get the Seattle Seahawks a Week 3 victory

That type of play was exactly why Bobo went from undrafted free agent to making the Seahawks roster. By player accounts, he works as hard as anyone on the team while he also just seems to have a knack for finding the open spaces on the field. But on his touchdown catch, he wasn't that open but showed how he can be an excellent red-zone target.

After the game, Bobo said he "didn't really have a choice" but to make the catch because Geno Smith put the ball in the perfect spot. Bobo also said that Tyler Lockett chased down the ball boy who took the ball after the catch so he could give the ball to Jake Bobo since the touchdown was the first of Bobo's career. Bobo said he was going to give the ball to his mom.

Bobo also told reporters after the game the classic I'm just here to help the team bit, but with Jake Bobo, you know the sentiment is genuine. Bobo said, "It feels good. Scoring a touchdown was cool, just being able to contribute to the team. It was a cool moment for me because that's all I'm really trying to do."

Bobo now has just 2 receptions on the year but one went for a touchdown and the other for a first down, so that's maximizing the opportunities, right?

As for Geno Smith, in Week 3's victory, he went 23 of 36 passing, but was extremely accurate in the second half, and he threw for 296 yards and a touchdown. He threw an interception in the first half. Overall, he was good enough to lead the Seahawks to another victory, but not without some help from Jake Bobo.

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