3 reasons why Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith will win MVP

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Reason No. 3: The Seahawks schedule will put Geno in contention

The defense and offense being noticeably better in 2023 will be a huge factor in Geno Smith making a run at the MVP award. Another factor is opponents, opportunities, and storylines. Geno will have all three afforded to him.

Seattle will have their fair share of games against bad teams (hello Rams and Cardinals), but the Seahawks schedule has some really great teams and great offensive talents that they'll have to keep up with. Teams like the Eagles, Bengals, Ravens, and Cowboys will force Geno to have to put up probably 30+ points in order to have a chance. If Seattle goes 2-2 against those 4, it probably means Geno was playing like an MVP.

While battles against superstars and MVPs such as Jalen Hurts, Joe Burrow, and Lamar Jackson are fantastic opportunities, so are some of the primetime games. A Monday night battle against the New York Giants, in New York, is as big of a regular season stage for Geno to exact a little Big Apple revenge. A Thanksgiving night battle at home against Super Bowl-contending San Francisco is another massive stage for Geno to help Seattle win the NFC West, and continue a potentially remarkable storyline of Geno going from Comeback Player of the Year to the MVP.

Can he really do it?

The field is tough, no doubt. Mahomes, Hurts, Burrow, Jackson, and Allen is a tough group to crack. While Geno may not be considered in that group's vicinity, he showed he belonged when his offensive line held up.

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The NFC is about as weak as I've ever seen it. There's a realistic shot where 12 wins could get the Seahawks the NFC West crown and a top 2 seed in the playoffs. Pull that off, and I believe Geno Smith will join the likes of Rich Gannon and Kurt Warner as MVP stunners.