Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith proves to be the best former teammate ever

Smith has more understanding than most of us.

Jane Gershovich/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks are currently losing many more free agents that they are signing. Some of the free agents the team is losing 12s might wish they had back. Linebacker Jordyn Brooks is one such example as the team currently has no inside linebackers under contract in 2024 after Brooks signed with the Miami Dolphins and Seattle also whiffed on linebacker Patrick Queen who reportedly signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But while each of the now-former Seattle players' leaving is not fun to watch, we should all have the same kind of class that Seattle quarterback Geno Smith has in watching his teammates leave. Many 12s might want to say, "Good riddance!" to players not staying in Seattle. But to be fair, NFL players make a living playing professional football and if they get an offer to keep making that living at a higher rate, they should go, right?

We might do the same. We work our jobs but if we had contracts and they were done, we might choose to work elsewhere if someone was offering us more money to do the same work. Why wouldn't we leave?

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith is pure class

But based on Geno Smith's recent X (the player formerly known as Twitter) posts, he just is more of an understanding human being than most of us. Maybe he understands the NFL is a business. But he also doesn't push away that there is emotion involved. There has to be because one has to want to play well for their teammates. Smith isn't afraid to tweet his thoughts about his former teammates.

Drew Lock was competition for Smith as QB1 for Smith in Seattle, but the two never seemed to act with any animosity. After Lock reportedly signed with the New York Giants this week, Smith did not hold back from tweeting his thoughts.

Tight end Colby Parkinson signed with the dreaded Los Angeles Rams. But Smith still said congrats.

Tight end Will Dissly will reportedly sign with the Los Angeles Chargers. But after he was released, Smith said he was "grateful" to have Dissly as a teammate the last several years.

But don't worry. Smith was also happy to have his own teammates return. After learning that Noah Fant was coming back, Smith was happy with the news.

The fact is, no matter what anyone thinks of Geno Smith the player, he seems to be a very good person in relation to how to treat others. We should all have so much compassion and understanding. In other words, we should be like Geno.

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