Where Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith ranks among NFC QBs

The AFC is loaded with top-end quarterbacks, but the NFC...not so much. Where does Geno rank in the NFC though?

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12: Jordan Love - Green Bay Packers

Three years into his NFL career, we still have no idea if Jordan Love can be an NFL quarterback. That isn't exactly his fault as he has mostly been sitting behind Aaron Rodgers. He did start one game in his second year and he was not good. In 2022, he saw even fewer snaps. The Packers wasted a first-round choice on Love no matter how he plays in 2023 as he is already in his fourth year.

11: Whoever starts for the San Francisco 49ers

Take most of the rest of the quarterbacks on this list and they are likely better in the San Francisco 49ers offense. My point is that it isn't really the player behind center that makes the team run; The scheme makes the QB better. So whoever is healthy enough to end up behind the starter in San Francisco in 2023 is going to have a terrific season.

10: Bryce Young - Carolina Panthers

If I do this list again next season, I have a strong feeling that Young is going to be a lot higher on this list. But for right now, he is a rookie quarterback with not a great receiving corps playing for a team that is still trying to rebuild into being a perennial playoff contender. Young will help the Panthers get better, but most rookies have a rough first year at QB.

9: Daniel Jones - New York Giants

Daniel Jones got paid a lot of money this offseason. He isn't a terrible quarterback, but he also isn't among the best in the NFC. He started 16 games in 2022 and threw 472 passes, yet he only had 15 touchdown passes. That's an awful ratio. Still, he runs well and doesn't turn the ball over, so he is going to help win some games for the Giants.