Where Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith ranks among NFC QBs

The AFC is loaded with top-end quarterbacks, but the NFC...not so much. Where does Geno rank in the NFC though?
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Quarterbacks 4 through 1 (including the Seahawks QB)

4: Dak Prescott - Dallas Cowboys

I debated putting Prescott anywhere in the top four. He's got arm strength, and the ability to run, and yet somehow he seems to underwhelm every season...just...enough. In two of the last three years, he also missed at least three games. In 2022, Prescott played in 12 games but threw 15 interceptions, tying for the league lead. That's not top-of-the-conference stuff.

3: Geno Smith - Seattle Seahawks

There appears to be a vocal minority of 12s that don't want Geno Smith to be the Seattle Seahawks quarterback. Why? He led the NFC in touchdown passes last year (30), and led the league in completion percentage (69.8). He also did this without having a good defense to support the offense and multiple running back injuries in the second half of the year. Oh, also, the Seahawks started two rookies at the offensive tackle spots. What else did people want from Geno Smith last year?

2: Matthew Stafford - Los Angeles Rams

Stafford partly ranks this high because he is the only NFC quarterback who has led his team to a Super Bowl victory. He's had a slightly odd career, though. Twice he's thrown for 41 touchdowns and once he led the league in interceptions. Heck, the season the Rams won the Super Bowl with him under center (2021), Stafford had 41 TDs and a league-high 17 picks. He's only made one Pro Bowl in 14 seasons. Hall of Famer? No. But still a good quarterback.

1: Jalen Hurts - Philadelphia Eagles

Jalen Hurts simply refuses to not get better. He lost his job in college to Mac Jones. He had to struggle to become the starter with the Eagles even though the line on him was he couldn't throw. Then in 2022, he showed the NFL he could be accurate and not turn the ball over. He can also run with the best of quarterbacks. He's a perfect fit with the Philadelphia Eagles, but it should also be noted that the Eagles wanted to build their offense around Hurts' unique skillset. It worked well enough to get the Eagles to the Super Bowl ast year.

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