Seattle Seahawks get must-win (and suspenseful) victory over the Detroit Lions

Seattle moves to 1-1 with a 37-31 victory over the Lions.

Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

We should have seen this coming, right? Since 2010 under head coach Pete Carroll, the Seattle Seahawks have a way of just hanging around and keeping themselves in postseason position. For the most part that is, and many may have assumed Seattle was going to lose to the Detroit Lions in Week 2 and fall to 0-2. Instead, Seattle played a most brilliant second half to pull out the 37-31 overtime victory.

Seattle had taken a 31-21 lead in the fourth quarter after a pick-six by Seahawks cornerback Tre Brown. The pass was the first interception Lions quarterback Jared Goff had thrown in 384 passes. The throw was a bit behind Goff's receiver, and it helped that Seattle got a little pressure on Goff on the throw. For the second straight week, Seattle didn't get consistent pressure on the opposing quarterback.

But for most of the game, the Lions didn't get a ton of pressure on quarterback Geno Smith either. A lot of credit needs to go to fill-in offensive tackles Stone Forsythe and Jake Curhan. With starters Charles Cross and Abraham Lucas out due to injuries, and based on how awful Seattle looked in the second half of Week 1, most might have thought that Seattle wasn't going to be able to put up enough points to defeat Detroit.

Seattle Seahawks beat the Detroit Lions in overtime in Week 2

But as Seahawks teams seem to do during the Carroll era, just when you count Seattle out, they seem to bounce back. No, Seattle wasn't perfect, and the defense still needs help, but there were enough young players who stepped up and enough efficiency against a good Lions team that 12s should have hope still for a successful 2023 season.

The game definitely had a bunch of drama. It should have never gone to overtime, but after Geno Smith took a horrible sack and a Seahawks punt and the Lions kicking a field goal on the next drive, Smith calmly led his team down the field for a Tyler Locket touchdown. In overtime, Smith got the ball to Noah Fant, Colby Parkinson, DK Metcalf and then Lockett. Seattle's weapons came through and so did Geno Smith.

Smith finished 32 of 41 for 328 yards and 2 touchdowns (both to Lockett). Seattle also controlled the clock by 3 minutes, and had 28 first downs. Was Seattle perfect? No. But after losing badly to the Los Angeles Rams in Week 1 and going into a Detroit stadium with fans expecting their team to finally be very good and for Seattle to get the victory was exceptional. And well, keeps postseason hopes alive for 12s.

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