There's good news and there's bad news from Seahawks Week 1 loss to Rams

Seattle looked fairly horrible at Lumen Field to open the 2023 season.
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I found a few acorns in the slop of the Seahawks loss

I can't take any more, and I doubt you can either, good little 12s. So let's get to the good news. The Seahawks looked pretty good in the first half. True, they had to settle for a pair of field goals (and one missed attempt) in three of their four drives. But they did score a touchdown and scored on three of their four drives. The Rams had one terrific drive that lasted about as long as Moses leading his people out of Egypt, but only scored on that first drive and never saw the red zone again in the half.

I'm pretty sure we'd all have been happy with the Hawks repeating that first-half performance. Matching time of possession, total plays, and winning 26-14, yes, I'm pretty certain we'd all take that result. Geno Smith was efficient, Ken Walker III was churning through the Rams, and DK Metcalf was scoring, not doing stupid things. Yes, I think we would all be quite happy with that. Assuming that Lucas and Cross can return to the lineup, there's no reason we shouldn't see that again.

In other good news, Bobby Wagner was - well, he was Bobby Wagner. 19 combined tackles is a pretty solid day's work, even for a future first-ballot Hall of Fame player. Jordyn Brooks came back from an injury that could have kept him on the shelf for half of this season and had a dozen combined tackles. While Boye Mafe didn't get a sack, he did spend some happy moments in the Rams backfield and played well against the run.

No,12s, there certainly wasn't a lot of good news to come out of this game. The best we can hope for is that the brutal second half replaces the usual inexplicably awful game the Seahawks post every season. They certainly played poorly enough to match any of their worst efforts of the past. But the best news is, it's still just one game. As the season progresses, they'll get some pretty important players back on the field, and we can put this nightmare behind us.

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