The good, the bad and the ugly in Seattle Seahawks victory over Lions in Week 2

Seattle moved to 1-1 in 2023 with a Week 2 defeat of a good Detroit team.
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Huge rebound game for Geno Smith and the offense

Week 1 of the NFL season was nothing short of a nightmare for Geno Smith and the Seahawks offense. They faced their arch-rivals, the Los Angeles Rams, and what transpired on that fateful day was nothing short of a disaster. Seattle could only muster a measly 12 yards of offense after halftime, and the scoreboard told a painful tale of their struggles. It was a brutal game to watch for Seahawks fans, a stark reminder of how quickly fortunes can change in this unforgiving league.

The loss to the Rams was a bitter pill to swallow, but the NFL schedule doesn't afford much time for self-pity. Geno Smith and his teammates had to regroup quickly for their Week 2 matchup against the Detroit Lions. Fortunately for the Seahawks faithful, this was the week Geno found his groove and started to rewrite the narrative.

Facing off against Jared Goff, Geno Smith showed resilience and determination. Despite having to work with a makeshift offensive line due to injuries, he stepped up to the plate. Geno delivered an impressive performance, throwing for 328 yards, connecting for two passing touchdowns, and most importantly, keeping his interception count at a clean zero.

It was a game that demonstrated Geno Smith's ability to rebound from adversity, reminding everyone why he's considered a valuable asset to the Seahawks' quarterback room. His poise in the pocket, ability to read defenses, and pinpoint accuracy were on full display as he went toe-to-toe with Goff, a seasoned quarterback in his own right.