Seattle Seahawks got it right keeping these 3 players on the final 53-man roster

The Seahawks finalized their initial 53-man roster for 2023 on Tuesday.
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We now know who is on the initial 53-man roster for the 2023 Seattle Seahawks. The team still has some units - interior defensive line - that seem thin and/or unproven, but let's just trust the way head coach Pete Carroll and the coaching staff put the team together. They've done a pretty good job of that since 2010.

There weren't any huge surprises really on who was cut. I mean, it's not like 12s are fans of the New England Patriots and New England does all kinds of funky things with its quarterback room. For the most part, unless you are a player being waived, Seattle keeps their roster decisions fairly stress-free.

But who are three players that should have made the team and did? (Yes, one is obvious and is the header photo of this article.) Thankfully, the three that follow.

Seahawks made the right move keeping linebacker Devin Bush

I don't mean to imply that Devin Bush was a cut candidate, although maybe he was. The one-year deal he signed with the Seahawks this offseason didn't really leave much room for him not to be on the roster. His deal pays him $3.5 million and waiving him would only save the team about $600,000. But there were rumors that Seattle could possibly trade Bush and get something else - a nose guard? - in return.

Bush also became more expendable when fellow linebacker Jordyn Brooks proved to be some kind of superhero and bounce back from a major knee injury near the end of 2022 in just eight months after surgery. Brooks is expected to start in Week 1 and this means Bush won't be starting. Seattle should go with a 3-4 base which means that two of the four part are inside linebackers. That means Brooks along with Bobby Wagner, not Bush.

Bush, however, is likely to be very valuable this season. He provides excellent depth at ILB and expecting both Wagner and Brooks to always be healthy might be asking for too much. Bush has some speed and tackles well. Not only will this be put to good use on defense, but he could be a force on special teams.