Seattle Seahawks got it right keeping these 3 players on the final 53-man roster

The Seahawks finalized their initial 53-man roster for 2023 on Tuesday.
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Seahawks made the right move keeping safety Jerrick Reed II

I really like Jerrick Reed II, so I'll just leave that there. He reminds me of former Seahawks safety Marquise Blair in that both aren't overly big but played with a physical ferocity that could lead to them creating turnovers and putting a bit of boom back into the secondary. The one big difference I have seen so far from Reed compared to Blair, though, is that Reed seems to know when to not go too far.

Blair was a bit of a mess. He could hit hard, but he also didn't always have great technique which led to him being hurt a lot and him losing his on-field assignments. He would produce some decent raw numbers, but then he could also cost the team and explosive play or two. He also didn't seem to accept coaching as well as he should have.

Reed seems to be the complete opposite. He will tee off on an offensive player, sure, but he doesn't do so in a way just to inflict harm on someone but not stay in the basic scheme of the defense. In fact, Reed seems to have a lot of Quandre Diggs in him. Diggs wasn't expected to be as good as he has been when he came into the league in 2015, either.

Reed shouldn't get many defensive reps to begin with. If everyone stays healthy, Reed has Diggs, Julian Love, and eventually, Jamal Adams in front of him. Plus, Coby Bryant could get more reps at safety than Reed. But Reed is going to likely be excellent on special teams and keeping Reed on the roster means he could earn many more snaps at safety in 2024.

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