Seattle Seahawks grade extremely poorly in Week 1 loss to the Los Angeles Rams

Seattle lost in ugly fashion to the Los Angeles Rams in Week 1.
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The Seattle Seahawks definitely didn't look in Week 1 as they did for most of 2022. In fact, they looked a lot worse. Of course, lots of weird things can happen in Week 1s of the NFL so maybe we can just write the loss to the Rams off as an accident?

That said, the loss certainly didn't look like an accident. The Rams were better prepared and hungrier than Seattle. Heck, even quarterback Geno Smith said that it appeared the Rams just wanted the game more than Seattle.

That should never happen, of course. That is especially true for a Pete Carroll-led team as he is a rah-rah guy who wants his teams to be super fired up every time they walk on the field. Speaking of the head coach, I don't have a coaching grade in the grades that follow, but if I did, the staff would receive an F for Week 1. But that's only because I cannot grade them lower.

Seattle Seahawks grades in loss to Rams in Week 1

Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith

Geno Smith's raw numbers aren't awful except for the amount of yards (112) he threw. He was 16 of 26 and had a touchdown with no interceptions. If he had thrown for 240 yards, he might have had a decent day overall and no one would have thought twice. But was the reason the Seahawks offense so horrible because of Geno Smith or was the inconsistent play-calling of offensive coordinator Shane Waldron the issue?

Plus, let's be honest. Smith missed a wide open Jake Bobo running down the middle of the field on the flea-flicker where he ended up scrambling for 6 yards. Smith is tall enough and the field was open enough where Bobo should ave been able to be seen, but Smith didn't attempt the pass for some reason. The completion would have been for at least 25 yards. Does it change the outcome of the game?

But for all the Geno haters out there, this isn't the game to point out for why Seattle needs to replace him. He didn't even turn the ball over and after tackles Charles Cross and Abe Lucas left, he had no time to throw. Was Geno Smith perfect? Far from it. But he was better than the overall playcalling.

Grade: C-