Grading every single pick by the Seattle Seahawks in the 2023 NFL Draft

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The Seattle Seahawks appear to have had another successful draft. Seattle started by taking who they thought were the best players available and not just players at positions of need. Sure, Seattle got players who play units that have issues, but Seattle wanted talent first. Nothing wrong with that.

Seattle ended up with 10 picks. There seemed to be an effort to simply take potentially great players first despite what positions they play (not counting quarterbacks here, by the way) and then focus on players that might help resolve problems that Seattle had in 2022. For instance, the defensive line was not good last season so Seattle got rid of most everybody and brought in new players.

Some of the players added were in free agency but some ended up being in the draft. About halfway through the draft there were a number of social media vocal 12s that were upset by Seattle not taking a certain player or two and wondered what the team was doing. This is a bit like complaining halfway through a movie before knowing the ending.

Grading each pick for the Seattle Seahawks 2023 NFL draft

In the 2023 NFL draft, Seattle appears to have reshaped its secondary and made its receiving group elite. And that was just with the first two choices. After that, Seattle made picks that further corrected its defensive line and offensive line. Hopefully in two seasons, 12s will be forgiving for the Zach Charbonnet pick, for example, if the players taken in round 4 and beyond are helping in the trenches.

No matter, overall Seattle seems to have gotten a lot of the players they liked and fit what they want to do. Plus, if the two picks end up being as good as they appear they could be, Seattle could be a Super Bowl team by 2024. If nothing else, Seattle got better for 2023 based on the picks taken. Here are the grades.