4 greatest-value NFL draft picks in Seattle Seahawks history

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The Seattle Seahawks since 2010 under general manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll have made a habit of drafting players that ended up being late-round steals. In fact, during the early 2010s, an argument could be made that just as many impact players came after round three as in the first two rounds. In the 2022 draft, Seattle may have found another couple of guys who end up being long-term and productive starters.

I don't have any of the 2022 draft picks on this list as it is far too soon to see exactly how well they will pan out. It would be easy to sneak cornerback Tariq Woolen onto this list somewhere, and he might one day be worthy, but he isn't there...yet. Plus, the players on this list might be tough to catch even if Woolen continues his arc toward greatness.

While it is easy to focus on the high draft capital Seattle has in the 2023 NFL draft, it is also important to remember they have four choices between rounds 3 and 5. I point these rounds out because this is where the Seahawks have found recent players like Woolen, Abraham Lucas, Damien Lewis, and Phil Haynes. All four of these guys could be starters in Week 1 of 2023.

The four greatest-value draft choices in Seattle Seahawks history

But not all great-value picks in Seattle football history have come in round 3 and after. This will hopefully make more sense in just a bit. But some players fall further than expected. Heck, let's assume that Seattle chooses Jalen Carter with the fifth pick in the 2023 draft and he ends up being a Hall of Famer. Some think Carter might be the best overall player in the draft, but he falls to 5 wouldn't that be a value pick?

But historically speaking, who are the best value picks in Seattle Seahawks history? This history started in 1976 so there are quite a few players to choose from. Here is my best guess at the best four.