4 Seattle Seahawks on the hot seat ahead of the 2023 NFL draft

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Seahawks general manager John Schneider is on the hot seat

This isn't a make-or-break draft for Schneider. He has been too successful for too long with the Seahawks. But he could also make enough bad decisions with the high draft capital that Seattle has to affect his future in a couple of seasons. If things don't go well, Seattle is going to not be good in a few years and he might need to find a new job.

This is especially true if the team is sold in 2024. The current ownership has a built-in relationship with Schneider, of course. He's been good for the organization and the organization has been good for him. But let's say someone like Jeff Bezos buys the team. Bezos won't care so much about the past but the future.

Schneider had a great draft in 2022. But there have been a few years where maybe Seattle brass overthought the draft and traded back when they shouldn't have. Picks like Malik McDowell and L.J. Collier hurt the team long-term. Those kinds of bad picks can't happen in 2023. Seattle can get away with a couple of mistakes in the second round, as long as they have a couple of first-round choices, but Seattle can't afford to miss with the first-round selections.

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But I will be positive and assume Schneider helps pick another great class. If that happens, the Seahawks should be championship contenders by 2024. Heck, Seattle might even be set up to go to multiple Super Bowls.