4 Seattle Seahawks on the hot seat entering 2023 training camp

The Seahawks exceeded expectations in 2022, but these four members of the organization have to prove themselves in 2023.
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Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith

I like Geno Smith as a quarterback and think he did as well as he thought he would in 2022. Still, many 12s voice their negative opinions on social media about Smith. The QB somehow seems more decisive than Russell Wilson did early in Wilson's tenure as the starting QB with the Seahawks. This could be that while Smith and the offense had to carry the team for much of last year, Wilson's offense never had to do that in his first four years at the helm.

Smith still led the NFC is touchdown passes (30) in 2022, and he led the entire NFL in completion percentage. He was consistently accurate on short and deep throws all season long. The reason Seattle couldn't compete with the San Francisco 49ers last year wasn't Smith; Seattle simply wasn't good enough overall to beat the 49ers.

But while general manager John Schneider re-signed Smith for three more years this offseason, the contract is basically front-loaded and Seattle could get out from under the contract next offseason if Smith isn't good in 2023. The Seahawks did show trust in Smith by offering him the deal and not taking a quarterback with the number 5 overall choice in the 2023 draft, but that doesn't mean Seattle will feel tied to the contract if Smith has a down year.

Not only for 12s who doubt Smith already, but, more importantly, for Schneider and Pete Carroll, Smith likely needs to show once again he is ready to lead the Seahawks offense for 2023 and beyond. He's got more weapons, the blocking should be better as the season wears on, and he has more help in the backfield. Here's hoping Smith is even better than last year, but he will have to prove it on the field once the real games begin.

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