3 Seattle Seahawks who could become household names in 2023

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The Seattle Seahawks have a ton of young talent that is still developing. The last two drafts seemed to have gone very well, and we have already gotten a glimpse of how good the 2022 class might be. And we likely haven't even seen how much depth the class has.

Players like Dareke Young and Tyreke Smith either didn't play because of injury (Smith) or didn't get the show they could catch a ball until late in the season (Young). Both players could potentially have a decent impact on 2023. Heck, Young is already a decent special teams player.

The three Seattle players on the following list, however, could become household names for all NFL fans this coming season, not just 12s. One has already been very productive but hasn't yet gotten his due from all NFL followers. Another hinted at what he could possibly do but hasn't yet taken off. I will start with the third player.

Seattle Seahawks edge rusher Derick Hall

Hall, of course, is a rookie who hasn't yet played a down. But there is something about his size and speed that separates him from most other edge rushers Seattle has on the roster. Darrell Taylor is mostly a speed guy who has a slender build. for instance. Uchenna Nwosu is more versatile than Taylor but not overly thick. Hall looks like he can run by someone or run through an opposing blocker.

Hall is capable of being a three-down player and can set the edge against the run. But his greatest strength to begin his career, before he completely fine-tunes his array of pass-rushing moves, is he can simply get his hands on a blocker and use his leg strength to push a blocker back towards the quarterback. Hall will only get stronger in an NFL weight-training program, but he has the natural strength to play and contribute right away.

In fact, early in the year, if Taylor remains his normally inconsistent self, Hall could take over a starting spot opposite Nwosu. By the end of the season, Hall might have been so disruptive that he is one of the bigger names in the league among new edge rushers. Hall could even have 10 sacks in his rookie year.