Seahawks news: Seahawks injuries, Godwin Igwebuike, and Jonathan Taylor

In Seahawks news to start your Monday, the Seahawks get back a tight end, and a former Seahawk signs elsewhere.
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The Seattle Seahawks finished their fifth day of training camp - their fourth day of actual practice as the team had a mandated day off on Saturday - and this week will bring some changes. So far, we have basically seen only drills. While important, once players start hitting each other, things will be different.

The Seahawks will start tackling soon and the first preseason game is just a week and a half away. We learned a bit last week in the first week of camp, sure, but we will learn a lot more this week.

On Sunday, one former Seahawk signed elsewhere, one key player for 2023 returned, and one site speculated about bringing in a great player at a position that Seattle does not currently have a need for. It also appears that Seattle already has injury concerns at running back, too. Here's the relative latest.

Seattle Seahawks don't need Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan Taylor is an excellent running back and is among the best in the league at his position. He has reportedly requested a trade from his current team, the Indianapolis Colts. This is likely partly due to the team's owner, Jim Irsay, saying that running backs in the NFL wanting more money is "inappropriate." That's the kind of thing billionaires say about people trying to make generational wealth but are also their employees.

But Seahawks Wire of the USA Today family asked the question in an article on Sunday about whether the Seahawks should entertain trading for Taylor. They brought out the good and bad about the possibility, but mostly the bad was that if Seattle did add a player it should be a defensive player. I agree with that but should also add that Seattle has at least one running back near the quality of Taylor.

It makes little sense even if Seattle didn't need a defensive player to give the Colts a running back (I'm assuming should the Colts trade Taylor they would want an RB in return) who doesn't already have 700-plus carries in the NFL in return for one who does. Taylor's great, but running backs get old fast in today's game. Plus, Taylor is a free agent after 2023 so Seattle is giving up quality, a lesser-used running back, while also creating a cap space issue in 2024 that they don't currently have.