Seahawks news: Jamal Adams, Pete Carroll, Richard Sherman, and Jordyn Brooks

Seattle is getting two veterans back to practice, but losing some younger players to injuries.
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Pete Carroll talks Seahawks vs. Patriots Super Bowl with Richard Sherman

Speaking of coach Carroll, he was on the Richard Sherman Podcast this week and Carroll and Sherman spoke about many things, including the Seahawks' last offensive play of Super Bowl XLIX. Sadly, we probably all remember the play well. Seattle miraculously got the ball within the five-yard line of the Patriots with time ticking down and a chance to take a lead from 28-24 down. Instead of giving the ball to running back Marshawn Lynch, however, the Seahawks threw the ball.

We know what happened. The Patriots intercepted the pass, and their offense came back on the field and ran out the clock. The play seems to have led the players to become more and more disgruntled with the team and things began to fall apart. One of the more vocal players (of course!) about how the Seahawks shouldn't have thrown the ball was Richard Sherman.

About the play, Carroll said that New England had put their goal-line defense alignment on the field so that a pass play should have worked. Because of the personnel New England had, Carroll didn't overrule the play call that had come in from Darrell Bevell. Basically, if the play had never happened and Carroll still had a chance to overrule the play call, he wouldn't have.

And some 12s might hate that. No matter what personnel the Patriots had on the field, Seattle should have still given the ball to Marshawn Lynch, right? The Seahawks had likely three chances to score a touchdown, and Lynch likely would have scored on one of those plays. But at least Carroll's explanation makes sense and that helps a little.