Seahawks defensive lineman Jarran Reed throws shade at Pete Carroll

Seattle has a new coaching staff and defensive lineman Jarran Reed seems quite happy about that.
Jarran Reed and Pete Carroll of Seattle Seahawks
Jarran Reed and Pete Carroll of Seattle Seahawks / Christopher Mast/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks did not just make a few changes this offseason. In many ways, they changed the course of the franchise. Instead of allowing long-time head coach Pete Carroll to stick around another year, nearly immediately following the season, Seattle chairperson Jody Allen and the rest of the front office decided to remove Carroll from his duties.

Carroll was reportedly going to stay in an advisory role, but that role must have something to do with what kinds of curtains to put up at the VMAC because he clearly has no say in what is going on with the football team. The hiring of Leslie Frazier as an advisor to new head coach Mike Macdonald all but ended any speculation Carroll might be a guiding voice for Macdonald.

Carroll shouldn't be, either. If the team was going to make a change, it needed a clean break. Plus, Carroll was definitely a part of the problem with the defense as the team had the same negative tendencies - poor third-down defense, bad linebacker coverage, bad run defense - that crossed over from former defensive coordinator Ken Norton, Jr. to former DC Clint Hurtt. Carroll could not fix the defense, and Macdonald should.

Jarran Reed speaks harsh truth about former Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll

Many of the veteran Seahawks players have taken the high road in answering questions about the change of Carroll to Macdonald. They likely want to honor Carroll by not disrespecting him while also showing allegiance to the new coaching staff. This week, after one practice, defensive lineman Jarran Reed made a more clear statement.

According to FOX 13's Aaron Levine, Reed said, "It’s refreshing getting someone new in here - different coaching style, different playing style."

"Refreshing" is the key word there. The assumption is that after 14 years, Carroll's schemes and message had gotten stale. The team appeared stuck in mediocrity with no hope of getting out, and a change was needed. Back-to-back 9-8 seasons are not where any team wants to be because the team is good enough to have a winning record but not good enough to even sniff a Super Bowl.

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Reed might also have been miffed at signing with the Seahawks last offseason and then be inserted at nose guard. Reed was a bit undersized for the position and had never played the spot before. He was very good in terms of pass rush, but he was terrible against the run. Seattle was not being more aggressive in chasing a more natural nose guard in free agency, and settling on Reed was one reason Seattle had the second-worst run defense in the NFL last season.

Hopefully, veteran Seattle players are energized by the new direction. If Reed's words match those of other players, then that will be true. That could translate into a couple of more wins for the Seahawks in 2024, which would be good enough to get the team into the playoffs.

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