3 Seattle Seahawks whose jobs are in danger ahead of preseason Week 3

Three players might be in jeopardy of losing their spots on the roster entering the last preseason game of 2023.
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Seattle Seahawks cornerback Mike Jackson

Mike Jackson was good in 2022 as a surprise starter. He ended up starting every game last year and allowed a quarterback rating when targeted of just 75.8. Only 55 percent of the passes thrown his way were caught. But he is being pushed for his starting spot currently by Tre Brown. And Jackson took a huge step back against the Dallas Cowboys when backup receiver Jalen Tolbert abused Jackson early and often in the game.

Part of the issue with Jackson being good last year is not only is he expected to be that good again this year but that opposing teams will pay more attention to how to attack him as well. Tolbert beat Jackson deep and also beat him on a slant pass. Did Dallas know what to do to get the passes completed or did Jackson just have a horrible game and he will be better against the Packers?

Jackson hasn't yet in his career been one to create turnovers either. He had just one interception last year and that is the only one of his career so far. Brown didn't play very much due to injuries in his first two years, and didn't have an interception either. But while Jackson hasn't had a pick this preseason, Brown had one in the second half of preseason Week 2 when the Cowboys were near the goal line. Brown read the play well, and took the ball away.

Whoever starts in Week 1 of the regular season might simply come down to who plays better against the Packers. Brown and Jackson are probably going to both get a lot of reps in preseason Week 3. But no matter who wins the starting job, they are both in a better position than Devon Witherspoon.

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