4 Seattle Seahawks whose jobs are in danger ahead of preseason Week 2

The Seattle Seahawks play their second preseason game of 2023 when they take on the Dallas Cowboys at Lumen Field on Saturday.
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No. 2 - Seahawks receiver Dee Eskridge

This player goes without even mentioning probably, but still he must be mentioned. I have written a bunch of times (as have other sites; I am far from being a genius) how Eskridge probably shouldn't make the 2023 Seahawks. During his two-year career before the 2023 offseason, Eskridge was either injured, didn't play well, both, or...you know, simply wasn't good.

As is a matter of course for Eskridge, he was hurt in Seattle's first play of this preseason. On Seattle's kickoff to the Vikings, the receiver injured his knee. He left the field and later returned with a wrap on it. While I in no way want any player to get hurt, Eskridge missing time likely only saved himself from being non-productive on the field during games.

He is already suspended for the first six games of the season after an offseason off-field domestic situation (we can kind of guess at what actually happened, but we don't really know what occurred) so even if we assume that Eskridge is going to make the team then the Seahawks still have to find at least a temporary replacement for him. But why even entertain that thought? Seattle should just release him now.

Undrafted receiver Jake Bobo might not have Eskridge's raw physical ability, but Bobo plays like he wants to earn a spot. Eskridge has never come across this way. 40 times matter before the NFL draft, but once a player in in the league their play dictates their future. Bobo looks like he can be a player, while Eskridge doesn't and he should lose his job.