Seahawks news: Jordyn Brooks, Devon Witherspoon, and Jamal Adams

One player returns from the injury list, one player remains, and one player seem set at their positions.
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The Seattle Seahawks got some fantastic news on Tuesday in the form of Jordyn Brooks being cleared to play and being activated from the PUP list. More on that in just a second in full. But what may have been a very thin inside linebacker group now could be a strength.

What Brooks' return looks like for 2023 free agent signee Devin Bush remains to be seen, but the Seattle coaching staff will figure that out. Bush will likely get a bunch of reps during games anyway, but he might just not be a starter.

Also, we don't really have a strong idea of who will line up on snap one of Week 1 defensively for the Seahawks. One high draft pick might start, but not exactly where we assumed. But let's start with the news about Brooks.

What does Seahawks linebacker Jordyn Brooks' return mean?

The Seahawks announced on Tuesday that Jordyn Brooks had been medically cleared to play and that he was coming off of the PUP list. Once off the list, Brooks cannot go back on. This means he should be on the 53-man active roster when the season begins. Seattle won't suit up all 53 players and will keep up to seven on the inactive list so if Brooks isn't 100 percent at the beginning of the season, he likely will be listed as inactive for the first game or three.

Still, Brooks' recovery has been nearly miraculous. Most of the knee injuries of the type Brooks suffered take about a full calendar year to come back from. Many assumed (I know I did) that Brooks might not return until midway through the season. Clearly, he will return well before that if the exact time he returns to play is still to be determined.

One can take away from Brooks' rabid recovery that he did everything correctly. He must not have missed a workout, didn't miss a goal that was set for him on his road to recovery, and stayed in Seattle to work with team doctors to help him get better. The doctors looked at his knee this week and thought Brooks was fine to return. Now he just needs to get back into football shape.