Top 3 keys to victory for Seattle Seahawks versus Carolina Panthers in Week 3

The Seattle Seahawks (1-1) return home to take on the Carolina Panthers (0-2) in this Week 3 matchup.
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Get Zach Charbonnet involved

The third and final key factor to a Seahawks victory in Week 3 is getting the rookie Zach Charbonnet more involved in the offense. The first two weeks of the season, Pete Carroll has handled Charbonnet with kid gloves (or so it seems). The tempo of the game and the situational moments have no doubt played a role in his involvement (or lack thereof).

In Week 3 this needs to change. I say this each week, the strength of the Seattle Seahawks is their ability to run the ball, and the guys on the roster doing it. Charbonnet is the perfect complement to Kenneth Walker III. If coach Carroll wants to end this game before it starts, he should get creative and use what makes Charbonnet so special. A bruising back who can punch through tackles and catch out of the backfield, number 26 should create matchup nightmares for Carolina.

This needs to be the week that we see Zach get double-digit touches. Last week he had 4 rushing attempts for 16 yards, and 2 catches for 12 yards. Time to feed this man. If we get up early in this one it makes sense for the 'Hawks to hand the ball off to Walker and Charbonnet and let them do their thing. They can single-handedly wear down the Carolina defense.

If Charbonnet exceeds 12 touches in this one, the Seahawks should win. I predict Seattle wins 28-10.

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