Seahawks linked to player in 2024 NFL draft who is a 'bulldozer in cleats'

This player would be a very good Week 1 starter.

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The Seattle Seahawks will presumably trade back in the first round of the 2024 NFL draft. They would, of course, have to find a trade partner, one who hopefully has a second-round choice they would be interested in parting with as well. Unless something very strange happens, Seattle might find the same quality at a position of need at pick 25, for instance, as pick 16.

The fun for 12s in this month's draft is that there is no way of knowing what general manager John Schneider wants to do. This is Schneider's first year in Seattle where he is in full control of the roster. In seasons past, he had to make sure everything was good with former head coach Pete Carroll before making a move.

Schneider knows there are positions he must address, but in the first round, anything can happen. If he has had his eye on a quarterback for a long time, and that QB surprisingly falls to pick 16, Schneider might choose him. But that seems unlikely. Instead, Schneider might trade back and take a player such as guard Cooper Beebe somewhere in the 20s of the draft.

Cooper Beebe would be a Week 1 starter for the Seattle Seahawks at guard

Several recent mock drafts have Beebe going to the Seahawks but most don't have him going at 16. This means Seattle trades back and hopefully adds a second-round choice. But Beebe doesn't necessarily fall to Seattle. He is good enough at his position to go inside the top ten, but guards do not normally get taken that high.

Beebe is 6'3" and 322 pounds and extremely strong. He will have no issues strength-wise transitioning from college to the NFL.'s Lance Zierlein says the Kansas State product is "a bulldozer in cleats who jolts smaller players and moves big ones against their will." While Zierlein also says Beebe is not fast, the offensive lineman still ran a 5.03 40 at the NFL Combine as well as 20 reps on the bench press.

Beebe also plays with great technique and knows how to consistently stay in front of pass rushers but a powerful punch to drive interior defensive linemen backward when his team runs the ball. While, like every rookie, he might need a little time to acclimate to the speed of the NFL, his massive power will allow the learning curve to not be so sharp.

ESPN's Jordan Reid has Beebe linked to go to the Seahawks as well as Seattle has a great need along the interior of its offensive line and Beebe would likely be a Week 1 starter. But since he is so strong, he could be so good so soon that he battles for a Pro Bowl spot. He will at least go a long way toward fixing a hole for the team in 2024.

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