3 current Seattle Seahawks that were losers from the 2023 NFL draft

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Seahawks loser No. 2: Wide receiver D'Wayne Eskridge

Like Brown, Eskridge hasn't stayed healthy enough to consistently be on the field to show the Seahawks what he can do. Also like Brown, Eskridge is a part of the 2021 draft. Unlike Brown, Eskridge hasn't been productive in the limited amount of time he has played.

Eskridge was a second-round pick for Seattle but he certainly hasn't played like it. He was likely expected to be WR3 when Seattle took him. He was fast and could do multiple things in college. But in the NFL, he has caught 17 of his 33 targets for only 122 yards. That's a catch rate of just 51.5 percent and that isn't good enough to earn quality snaps.

Neither is Eskridge's 7.2 yards per catch. That's awful. And the Seahawks seem to have trusted him less in 2022 than in 2021, Eskridge was targeted 20 times and carried the ball 4 times, but in 2022 those numbers fell to 13 and 2, respectively. Maybe the trust in Eskridge is all about health and that if he touches the ball he will get hurt.

Seattle chose Jaxon Smith-Njigba in the first round. Not only is Smith-Njigba likely a better player than Eskridge anyway, but adding him certainly means fewer reps for Eskridge. This is especially true when 2022 draftee Dareke Young showed in extremely limited targets last season that he might be worthy of taking on a bigger role. Eskridge, if anything, might be a WR5 for Seattle entering the season.