Former Seahawks tight end Luke Willson torches hated NFC West rival with three words

Willson took over the KJ All Day podcast recently.

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KJ Wright was obviously a great Seattle Seahawks linebacker in the 2010s and the NFL never gave him the attention he deserved. He made just one Pro Bowl. This was likely due to him being overshadowed by several Seattle teammates such as Bobby Wagner, Richard Sherman, and Earl Thomas. But now, Wright has taken a job with a disliked NFC West rival.

Prior to going to work as the assistant linebacker coach for the San Francisco 49ers, Wright hosted a podcast called the KJ All Day pod. Wright was knowledgeable and had great guests, though he lacked the boisterousness of someone like Sherman. Maybe this is a good thing because sometimes it seems like Sherman is yelling at the viewer while he speaks on television and Wright is much calmer.

But as Wright has now gone to work for an NFL team, what will happen with his podcast? That answer might be in the former of former Seahawks tight end Luke Willson. Willson took over hosting duties on a recent episode and he was pretty good. But the first minute of the show was not to be missed.

Luke Willson likely endears himself to Seahawks fans even more with his recent comments

Of course, 12s likely already know Willson was quite the personality when he played for Seattle. He was the player who started Techno Thursdays, for instance. Some players hated it, but no one could forget about it.

Willson spent eight years in the NFL and six and a half of them were with the Seahawks. He was a decent player, but he also is clearly a fan of the team. That helped him find just the right words for 12s when he started the All Day podcast commenting on Wright taking a job with the 49ers. Willson began by saying he was going to put his own "flare" on the show, but that he wanted to get the "elephant out of the room" before saying Wright was one of the best leaders he had ever met.

But Wright going to work for the 49ers? That might be too much for Willson and many 12s. (To be fair, the 49ers made an offer to coach better and faster than the Seahawks did and Wright wanted to get into coaching somewhere.) Willson said he likes Wright as a person very much, but then offered this gem: "That being said, f**k the Niners...I can't stand them."

Willson was already well-liked by 12s. But taking over a podcast once hosted by KJ Wright and saying "(screw) the 49ers" is only going to make Seattle fans like the tight end more. That is how it should be.

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