Even Seahawks mascot is getting share of hate this offseason

Seattle has gotten their share of hate this offseason, and that hasn't stopped with the disrespect of the players.
Blitz and Geno Smith of the Seattle Seahawks
Blitz and Geno Smith of the Seattle Seahawks / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks are getting disrespected this offseason. Many national pundits are predicting the team to lose fewer games than in the last two seasons. This is the case even though the hiring of head coach Mike Macdonald should fix some of the major issues of recent years, especially the awful third down defense.

But the hate of the organization doesn't just stop with the coaches and players of the team. According to a recent survey by OLBG.com (which appears to be a betting website), Seattle's official mascot, Blitz, is completely forgettable. To be fair - and biased - Blitz looks pretty awesome.

The issue is probably that whoever the website surveyed does not live in the Pacific Northwest. OLBG.com did not just ask NFL fans about which mascots they remember and which they do not, they asked fans everywhere. Soccer fans were asked, hockey, fans, and everybody else. Why, one might ask, would a fan of Chelsea Football Club know anything about the Seahawks, let alone the mascot?

Blitz just as disrespected as the rest of the Seattle Seahawks this offseason

Still, according to the survey, Blitz was the least remembered mascot of any NFL team at 44.9 percent. The next-worst was the Cleveland Browns mascot at 47.7 percent. Cleveland's mascot is something called Chomps. Not sure if that is a real dog or a person dressed as a dog.

The Cincinnati Bengals were close to the Browns, and their mascot is called Who Dey. Ironic as that is what most people would have likely asked when the surveyor asked about the Bengals' mascot.

A more telling fact about the kind of fan OLBG.com was asking in terms of memorable mascots is that the most remembered was Cyril the Swan of Swansea City. That is, if you don't know, an English Premier League team. What Cyril looks like? No idea.

Next. Andy Reid says one former Seahawks head coach is the GOAT. Andy Reid says one former Seahawks head coach is the GOAT. dark

In better news for Seattle sports fans, the Mariner Moose was the sixth-most memorable mascot. No NFL mascot appears until number 22. That would be Raider Rusher for the Oakland...erm, I mean, Las Vegas Raiders. Four EPL teams rank higher than the Raiders and eight - eight! - Major League Baseball teams rank higher.

In other words, one might take the survey with a pinch of proverbial salt. Or real salt, though be careful. Too much salt can be dangerous. At least the Seahawks and Blitz should be peeved. The mascot deserves better.

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