4 players the Seattle Seahawks might claim after final roster cuts in 2023

NFL teams have to make final roster cuts on Tuesday and the Seahawks could add a couple of players from those waived.
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Seattle Seahawks could sign wide receiver Marquise Goodwin

I recently wrote an article about three wide receiver trade candidates for the Seahawks to maybe add. None of these players were the WR1-type, but more like WR3. I realize that the Seahawks have DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett and that Jaxon Smith-Njigba should be good soon. But I did get some push back about the trade article because some people thought I was forgetting about Jake Bobo. I wasn't.

Like every 12 everywhere, I like Bobo too. I hope he legitimately has 700 yards receiving and 8 touchdowns this year. But I also have never seen Bobo play a down of regular season football and I haven't seen him consistently produce when the number ones are on the field for the Seahawks versus the number ones on the defense of an opposing team.

And while Jaxon Smith-Njigba appears to have route fulidity and the physical skill to be a very good receiver in the NFL, most rookie recivers have a difficult time adapting to the spped of the NFL in year one. Can Smith-Njigba and Bobo make good receivers one day? Hopefully. But Seattle could also use more depth right now.

Goodwin is a potential cut candidate with the Cleveland Browns and he wouldn't be expensive to add. Also, he was pretty decent for Seattle in 2022 so he knows the offense and knows how to work with Geno Smith. Goodwin wouldn't have to be WR3, either. More like WR4. He was recently activated from the NFI-list too, so he should begin practicing soon. That means he's available for Cleveland to cut.