Seattle Seahawks 2023 Mock Draft: Trusting Jalen Carter…but with some insurance 

2023 CFP National Championship - TCU v Georgia
2023 CFP National Championship - TCU v Georgia / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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When the calendar hit December this season, Seahawks fans realized that the dream of having a top-ten pick was not just real, but becoming an expectation. Thanks to the Denver Broncos and Russell Wilson being a massive disappointment, the Seahawks have an opportunity to add a blue-chip talent on a cheap salary at a draft pick slot they haven’t seen in over a decade. So naturally, we’re gonna mock up some drafts!

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be talking about potential mock drafts that could enhance, or completely reshape this roster. For drafting purposes, I used Pro Football Network’s rankings and mock simulator. Unlike PFF, PFN’s big board falls in line with the majority of the draft rankings you can find out there.

Recent reports came out stating that Georgia’s Jalen Carter, unquestionably the most polarizing player in this year’s draft, was going to be visiting the Seattle Seahawks. As the first 4 picks remain a complete mystery to most on what QBs or defensive players will be selected before the Seahawks are on the clock at pick 5, there does appear to be a strong chance Carter will be available at that pick. If you were to rewind back to December 3rd, 2022, Jalen Carter had just finished destroying LSU to win the SEC championship, and it was expected he would easily go within the first two picks. A poor CFP showing, a tragic car racing accident that cost people their lives, and a terrible pro day performance now has Jalen Carter in the potential free fall zone. 

When he’s on, Carter is the best defensive player in his class, a truly generational defensive tackle that can do it all, like Tennessee’s Jeffrey Simmons who just got paid. If Seattle can get that type of player, there’s no doubt he’s the pick at number 5, but what about when he isn't? His highlight videos make you drool, but when watching his full tape, there are times when he clearly is taking plays off. Add that to some of the character concerns, and it’s fair to wonder if he’s worth the risk. The success or failure of this pick will play a major role in whether Seattle is a Super Bowl contender, or sends them into a true rebuild.