Seahawks 7-round mock draft makes Seattle a Super Bowl contender for the next decade

Seattle goes offense first in this mock draft.

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Seahawks stick at 16 and draft a future Pro Bowl tackle on day one

So let's get going with the draft that matters. Well, the one that matters in my head, anyway. I attempted a few trades to move up from 16 but got no takers. As I said, PFF's AI isn't an idiot, unless you force it to be. So I stood pat and watched with sheer joy as the best tackle of the draft fell to number 16. Joe Alt of Notre Dame, all 6'8" and 322 lbs of him, is coming to the Hawks. At least he is in this mock draft. Pro Football Focus ranks him as the fifth overall prospect, while the ever-useful Big Board at NFL Mock Draft Database lists him as the consensus eighth pick.

Alt graded out at 78.8 as a 19-year-old freshman at Notre Dame and got 614 snaps, nearly all of them at left tackle. Imagine starting eight games as a true freshman against the likes of Stanford, USC, and Ohio State and coming out of it, allowing just three sacks and seven hurries. He wasted no time improving on those numbers as a sophomore.

In 885 snaps at left tackle, Alt allowed zero sacks and just 6 hurries. He slipped badly as a senior though; he let one guy get the QB. Once. My guess is that Sam Hartman looked at him funny in the huddle, and got what was coming to him. Other than that, Alt gave up two QB hits and two hurries in nearly 700 snaps at left tackle.

PFF graded him at 91.4 and 90.7 for those last two seasons. He's just as nasty blocking runs as he is in the passing game. NFL Draft Buzz scouts report that he has no problem fending off stunts and blitzes, and that despite his height, has the bend to get his pad level low enough to hold blocks in the passing game or blow up defenders to open gaping holes for his backs. Considering the health of Abe Lucas, Alt would be a huge get for the Seahawks. Heck, he's an upgrade over a healthy Lucas or Cross, for that matter. At the seventh pick, Joe Alt would be a win. Sticking at 16 and getting him - that's priceless.