Seahawks News: Abraham Lucas, Jarran Reed, Jake Bobo and Chase Young

  • Seattle might be without their RT for a while longer
  • Jake Bobo is proving to be a steal
  • Did the 49ers outdo the Seahawks at the trade deadline?
  • J-Reed deserves more respect
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The Seattle Seahawks are 5-2 and in first place in the NFC West. No, no. Don't go checking on that. I tell you it's true, almost shockingly so.

I don't mean to imply that Seattle is not good because they are, but the San Francisco 49ers started the season 5-0 so if you just woke up after nearly a month's nap, you might want to sit down for a minute. Plus, let's be real. The 49ers have been pretty banged-up at more key spots than Seattle.

Still, let's hope the Seahawks stomp the 49ers twice in 2023 and prove themselves to be the best team in the division. There is without a question a bit of an arms race between the teams right now, though. Both added defensive linemen at the trade deadline, so let's start there with Wednesday's news.

Seattle Seahawks and 49ers both added D-linemen in an effort to win NFC West

So, who got the better deal? Seattle getting Leonard Williams from the New York Giants in return for a 2024 second-round pick and a fifth-round 2025 choice while New York picks up a huge chunk of Williams' contract or the San Francisco 49ers trading a singular third-round choice to the Washington Commanders for Chase Young? Well, it gets complicated.

As far as the draft capital, Seattle gave up a late-round pick, but also an early-round choice in 2024. The Seahawks should assume that they will draft late in each round as they should have a decent record. That means the second-round pick they would have had would be closer to the third round and Seattle already has two third-round choices in 2024. San Francisco also had two third-round choices so what they gave up in draft capital is less than Seattle because the 49ers also still have their second-round pick.

As far as money, neither team is really paying much for Williams or Young, respectively, in 2023. Young is on his rookie deal and has a minimal cap hit, but since New York is picking up most of Williams' contract, Seattle is OK too.

The bottom line is that both the Seahawks and 49ers could be winners from the trades and there will be no clear winner in comparison between the teams. But still, let's hope the Seahawks win the division because that is what matters most.