Seahawks News: Bobby Wagner, Seattle's draft status and power rankings

  • First-round draft selection is looking better
  • Bobby Wagner continues to be great
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FanSided's NFL power rankings

For many weeks, even in the early stages of the Seattle Seahawks recent struggles, Seattle still hung around in the top half of the NFL in terms of FanSided's power rankings. Why? I am not sure. Seattle was mostly losing to decent teams, I guess, and now even the Rams, who have beaten the Seahawks twice this year, are in the hunt for the playoffs.

At least Seattle isn't one of the worst teams in the league. Number 32 is the New England Patriots whose offense is almost seemingly intentionally awful. Possibly this is just what happens over time when a team loses Tom Brady and doesn't draft well. Let us hope the Seahawks do not turn into the Patriots.

But for the first time in weeks, Seattle is not ranked in the top 16 teams. And they should not be. Sure, they did play the Dallas Cowboys tough, but Dallas also appeared to not be as good as their record. We will know more after the Cowboys play the Philadelphia Eagles this coming Sunday. The Eagles, who Seattle plays in Week 15, are ranked fourth, by the way.

Seattle is currently 18 and plays the number 1 49ers on Sunday. San Francisco, of course, blasted Seattle 31-13 in Week 12. After Week 15, though, the season does begin to ease a bit. The Seahawks close with the Tennessee Titans (currently ranked 26), the Pittsburgh Steelers (ranked 16 but just lost their quarterback for a bit of time), and the Arizona Cardinals (ranked 27).

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