Seahawks News: Bobby Wagner, Marshawn Lynch and Devon Witherspoon

Seattle finishes their regular season in Week 18 against the Arizona Cardinals.
Jane Gershovich/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks face a must-win situation in Week 18 and then need a little help to make the playoffs. Going into Week 17, Seattle needed no help; they simply needed to win their final two games to clinch a playoff spot. Instead, the Seahawks got run over by the Pittsburgh Steelers and the season could come to a close on Sunday.

There are a lot of things that could happen win or lose for Seattle, of course. If the team loses, they would have finished the season 3-7 after starting 5-2 and were in first place in the NFC West. Any team that melts down that much late in the year after having playoff expectations entering the season should see some changes.

If Seattle wins, there might be a few changes. If the Seahawks lose, there still might be few changes before 2024 but that doesn't mean next year will be better. Continuing to do the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insane. But here is some news for Friday.

Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner wants to keep playing

Wagner doesn't want to just keep playing this season, but he isn't ready to retire. During a press conference after practice this week, Wagner was asked about playing after this year and Wagner said he is 100 percent sure he wants to be playing somewhere in 2024. The question, of course, is will that be with the Seahawks?

It should be. Wagner hasn't been perfect this year as he still struggles in coverage, but he is still a fantastic linebacker and recently got the ninth Pro Bowl nod of his career. He has yet to have a real drop off in his play so he should be expected to be good again in 2024. Plus, watching Bobby Wagner leave Seattle for the second time and sign elsewhere might be too much for some 12s.

Marshawn Lynch accused of breaking a phone

Jose Lozano, a Seahawks fan who apparently lives in the Seattle area, says he spotted Marshawn Lynch early this past Sunday morning at Xtadium, a bar in downtown Seattle, and tried to get a photo. The people around Lynch advised Lozano that Lynch wanted no photos taken of him. Lozano seemingly backed off from taking a picture with his phone.

Later, however, Lozano was outside the bar (there seems to be no word on whether Lozano was waiting for Lynch to leave the bar which would be a little stalker-ish) and spotted Lynch and tried again to get a photo. This peeved Lynch, according to what Lozano told TMZ, and Lynch grabbed Lozano's phone and broke it. To be fair, if you had already told someone you didn't want you picture taken and then later on that person might have been waiting around on you in a second attempt to get a picture, you might be peeved too.

Devon Witherspoon apparently surprised by Pro Bowl nod

During a press conference this week, we learned that head coach Pete Carroll had called safety Julian Love and rookie cornerback into his office and the players did not know why at first. Carroll then told them they had been named to the NFC Pro Bowl team. The nod was fifth-year player Love's first, and obviously Witherspoon's first (of likely many) first as well.

Witherspoon told the media, "Yeah, it surprised me, just because I was a rookie. I didn’t think it was going to go like that. I think rookies have to prove themselves a little bit more before they get selected for something like that. But, yeah, it surprised me." Nice.

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