Seahawks News: Bobby Wagner, Pete Carroll, and national media picks Week 9

  • Bobby Wagner talks state of the team
  • Pete Carroll could move up an important list with a victory
  • Who's pick who to win in Week 9?
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National media makes its picks about Seahawks vs. Ravens

Well, if you get angry when the national media picks your Seattle Seahawks to lose this might not be the week you want to look at who pundits are choosing. Depending on which betting site you choose to look at, most have the Ravens nearly a touchdown favorite. And Baltimore is at home with a slightly better record (because they've played an extra game) against a better overall schedule so far.

For our 12th Man Rising pick, I have Seahawks QB Geno Smith not playing well, Ravens QB Lamar Jackson running well, and yet Seattle still finding a way to win due to a defensive touchdown. Though someone on 12th Man Rising Facebook said my article was full of negativity, I have Seattle winning 23-21 (I assume that person loves Smith, dislikes Jackson, and wants Seattle to lose?).

The writers at the Seattle Times are even mostly going heavily toward Baltimore winning. The excellent Bob Condotta has the Ravens winning 24-16, Larry Stone has Baltimore winning 21-17, and Matt Calkins picks the Ravens 23-20, but Adam Jude says Seattle wins 24-23. What about the national media?

Ali Bhanpuri ( Ravens 22 Seattle 20
Tom Blair ( Ravens 25 Seattle 21
Brooke Cersosimo ( Ravens 24 Seattle 20
Mike Florio (NBC Sports): Ravens 28 Seattle 20
Chris Simms (NBC Sports): Ravens 27 Seattle 17
Eric Moody (ESPN): Ravens 31 Seattle 24
Seth Walder (ESPN): Ravens 20 Seattle 16

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