Seahawks news: Chris Jones, Geno Smith, Tre Brown, and John Schneider

Seattle begins its 2023 season at Lumen Field on Sunday by hosting the Los Angeles Rams.
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Should the Seattle Seahawks make a trade offer for Chris Jones?

Chris Jones would be many things to the Seahawks. One is a transformative presence along the interior of the defense line. Imagine pairing Chris Jones with Dre'Mont Jones. Heck, they could be "Jones Brothers Incorporated" without actually being flesh and bone related. But both can chase down quarterbacks and both can stop the run. But Chris Jones alone would turn Seattle's defensive line from iffy to elite.

But how much to give up for Jones? He is currently holding out with the Kansas City Chiefs with no known timeline when he might return. Kansas City is probably OK with him missing time. He isn't being risked to injury by sitting out and the Chiefs are good enough to win games with Chris Jones. Jones just makes KC a Super Bowl favorite instead of just a Super Bowl contender.

Because KC is probably OK with Jones missing time, there is no pressure to trade him unless they are blown away by an offer. Two first-round picks? That's probably the minimum of what it will take to get Jones. Then once a team has him, they'd have to clear cap room as Jones has a cap hit of $28,291,668 in 2023. Ouch.

Can Seattle afford that? Not at this point. Of course, the team would have to maybe trade a quality player in return for Jones as well and that might be a player who eats up some cap space. But who? Jones is a great player and he would make Seattle better, but he also is likely not to be worth what Seattle would give up. Plus, Jones will be 30 years old in 2024 so a team would have to weigh what they'd give up versus how good Jones might be in three years.