Seahawks News: Devon Witherspoon, Geno Smith, Jordyn Brooks and Devin Bush

  • Seattle might get a star player back for Week 17
  • Did Geno Smith save his job?
  • Linebacker health

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The Seattle Seahawks are on a two-game win streak, and one of those victories is over the 11-4 Philadelphia Eagles. Sure, Seattle lost four straight games before that, but let's look ahead, shall we? Plus, in the future might be the playoffs for the Seahawks if they can win their next two games.

It's odd, too, isn't it? Seattle simply needs to win out to make the postseason and those games are against the 8-7 Pittsburgh Steelers at Lumen Field and then against the 3-12 Cardinals in Arizona. Seattle will be favored to win both those games. But there seems to be some hesitancy about being joyful about Seattle controlling its own destiny.

Maybe this season has simply been too much of a roller coaster for 12s to have faith in Seattle winning their final two games. Plus, the Steelers have a good defense and are coming off a drubbing over the Cincinnati Bengals and Cincy defeated the Seahawks in Week 5. Still, Seattle sits in a better spot currently than 18 other teams. Here is some news for Wednesday.

Seattle Seahawks might be getting Devon Witherspoon back

On the Pete Carroll Show on Seattle Sports 710 AM on Tuesday, Seattle's head coach mentioned that Witherspoon was running on Tuesday. This was also the Seahawks off day for Week 17 so it shows that Witherspoon is doing everything he can to get back on the field. Carroll also mentioned Witherspoon was pushing to play in Week 16 but his hip injury would not allow it.

Hip injuries can mean a couple of weeks off and then playing in some pain once a player does return. Witherspoon did not break his hip but suffered a bruise after breaking up a pass meant for San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle in Week 14. Witherspoon has missed the last two games so hopefully he can return in Week 17 against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Witherspoon has already proven to be one of the most versatile cornerbacks in the NFL in his rookie year. He excels at almost everything. He is a physical and excellent tackler, can shut down receivers in coverage, and has the ability to blitz better than most corners every could. He has 3 sacks in 2023. While Seattle has won the last two games without Witherspoon, there is no doubt the defense is better with him on the field. Witherspoon's practice status is worth keeping an eye on this week.