Seahawks News: Devon Witherspoon, Tre Brown, Boye Mafe and the sell of the team

  • Seattle's defense is getting better and the numbers back that up
  • An edge rusher is beginning to blossom
  • When might the team be sold?
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The Seattle Seahawks are 3-2 after six weeks of the NFL season (if you didn't know Seattle had a Week 5 bye week and you are a math major, I apologize for what you read). Before the season, that record is likely close to what most people might have predicted for Seattle at this stage. The high expectation would be 5-0, of course, but the low was likely 2-3 so being 3-2 isn't that bad.

While the Week 6 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals might be more frustrating than the Week 1 loss to the Los Angeles Rams, simply because Week 6 was a more winnable game in the second half, Seattle has gotten better since the first week of the year. The defense appears to certainly be better. Heck, for the first time in years, the defense actually needs the offense's help, instead of vice versa, to win football games.

Seattle is also mostly led by a bunch of young defensive players with some talented veterans sprinkled in. That's why this news article is different from most of the previous ones. We get to focus on the defense being a positive.

Seattle Seahawks won't be sold just yet

Sorry to zig here instead of sticking with the defense narrative. There is more about that which will follow this part. Most 12s probably know that per the wishes of late owner Paul Allen, the Seahawks will need to be sold eventually. Currently, the team is owned by the Paul Allen Trust and the chairperson is Paul's sister, Jody. Jody might not want to ever sell the team, but per Paul's guidelines the team must be.

There are likely many reasons the team hasn't yet changed hands, though. An important one is that due to a state of Washington referendum in 1997 that passed and funded the construction of what we know now as Lumen Field, if the team is sold prior to May 2024 then the Seahawks would owe 10 percent of the sale of the team to the state. As the price of the team is likely well into the billions, 10 percent is going to be a lot of money that the current people involved in the Trust are not going to want to give up.

According to the Washington Post, the team being sold likely won't happen until at least 2025. Some NFL owners probably hope that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos buys the team because they don't care about the souls of people. I mean, because Bezos is rich. (Yes, before I get the nastygrams, that last part was a...joke.)