Seahawks News: DK Metcalf, Boye Mafe, Week 10 picks and offensive line rankings

  • DK wants to get back to basics
  • Mafe is masterful
  • Who is picking who to win in Week 10
  • Where does Seattle rank among offensive lines?
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The Seattle Seahawks play the Commanders from Washington, D.C., in Week 10 of the 2023 season. Seattle is 5-3 but coming off a bad loss in Week 9. The Commanders are 4-5 but coming off a victory last week.

Still, this should be a matchup that favors the Seahawks. Seattle is playing at home in Lumen Field (Washington does have a better record on the road than at home, though) and the team should be ready to make amends for the awfulness that happened in Week 9. Seattle must get a victory against Washington because the Seahawks schedule begins to get a lot tougher in a couple of weeks.

The Commanders ranked second-worst in touchdown passes allowed (19) and are 23rd in yards allowed per rushing attempt (4.3). Seattle should be able to be productive no matter if they are running or passing. Should being the key word there. And speaking of throwing the ball, let's start with DK Metcalf.

DK Metcalf feels the team needs to basically start over

So, forget what you saw, 12s. In fact, we probably should. Every team ever is going to have an atrocious game every once in a while. Seattle's 34-point loss to the Baltimore Ravens was only the second time Seattle has lost by that margin in the Pete Carroll-era. That is 14 seasons. Seattle has been more successful than most other NFL teams in that time and the Seahawks are still 5-3 even after getting blown away by the Ravens.

So what can Seattle do to fix the issues in Week 9 and get a victory in Week 10? DK Metcalf says it's simple: Wash out the loss, focus on the small things, and get a win this coming Sunday. Speaking with reporters on Wednesday, Metcalf said the team "gotta face the truth of what really happened...The move right now is come in here and fix our mistakes. Getting back to square one and the basics of football."

Honestly, while that is simple, that is also the correct way to refocus. What is a team supposed to do? Get down on itself and pout? Of course, not. Hopefully, the Seahawks will prove they are good at refocusing and turn the Week 9 beatdown into a Week 10 victory over the Commanders.