Seahawks News: DK Metcalf, Charles Cross, Will Levis and playoff odds

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The Seattle Seahawks found a way to steal a victory in Week 15 and are now 7-7. While they cannot simply show up and beat any team in the NFL, the three games the team plays the rest of the season are much worse teams than the three Seattle just got done playing. Seattle now needs to use all of the momentum it hopefully gained for their Monday Night Football win and transpose that into great play to finish the season.

Seattle will not play a team with a current winning record the rest of the way. After facing the 5-9 Tennessee Titans who are struggling with quarterback health in Week 16, Seattle will play the currently 7-7 Pittsburgh Steelers who are also currently dealing with quarterback health, and then finish the regular season against a bad 3-11 Arizona Cardinals squad. Seattle, of course, could lose each of those games. But they should win all of them.

A 10-7 Seattle team should almost certainly be in the postseason. While there are a glut of 7-7 teams in the NFC right now - the Seahawks, Los Angeles Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints, and the Minnesota Vikings -, if Seattle wins out they will be fine. So what are their current playoff odds?

Seattle Seahawks predicted to make the postseason

According to Draft Kings, even if Seattle manages to lose one of their final three games, their 9-8 record should be good enough to push them into the playoffs. Besides Seattle having a relatively easy schedule, some of the other 7-7 teams might have a much rougher time. The Rams, for instance, still have to play the Saints this Thursday and then finish the season at the San Francisco 49ers.

The Vikings still have to play the Detroit Lions twice with the Green Bay Packers sandwiched between the Lions matchups. New Orleans has to face the Rams, Buccaneers, and the 6-8 Atlanta Falcons who are still only one game out of first place in the NFC South. Tampa Bay gets to play the Jacksonville Jaguars, Saints, and awful Carolina Panthers.

ESPN gives the Seahawks a 56.9 percent of making the postseason. These are better odds than any other team than the Buccaneers among NFC teams that are 7-7 or 6-8. Perhaps Seattle's fiercest competition is the Rams since Los Angeles has beaten Seattle twice this year and holds the tie-break, but both the Rams and Seahawks could make the postseason if the Vikings and Saints stumble.

Seattle's next opponent, the Titans, is limited offensively already. But they did get a bit better after starting Will Levis at quarterback several weeks ago. But Levis suffered a high ankle sprain in Week 15 and is likely doubtful to play against the Seahawks.