Seahawks News: DK Metcalf, Charles Cross, Will Levis and playoff odds

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DK Metcalf is clearly the alpha among Seattle receivers

Sure, DK Metcalf has his emotional control issues at times. He has mostly played under control, however, since his early season struggles with accumulating 15-yard penalties. He did have one late in Week 14 against the San Francisco 49ers, which ended up in an ejection of the receiver, but much of that blame should have gone to 49ers linebacker Fred Warner for shoving Metcalf's head in the ground. That was something the officials conveniently missed.

But many times in 2023 when Seattle needs a late drive, DK Metcalf has seemingly found a way to get open and pick up yards, even if he was shut down for most of the game prior to that. This was the case in Week 15 as well. Metcalf had 3 receptions on Seattle's game-winning drive and picked up 58 yards. This included a ridiculously great catch for 34 yards between double-coverage. He used his unique size and strength to bring in the ball.

No offense to Tyler Lockett as he is an excellent receiver as well, but he is not able to use any physicality to get catches under duress the way Metcalf can. On the game-winning drive, quarterback Drew Lock threw Lockett's way four times and each one was incomplete. Without DK Metcalf, Seattle does not beat the Eagles.

Metcalf is still on pace for a career-low in catch percentage (though in recent weeks he is catching up to his 2019 and 2021 levels), but Metcalf has a career-high in yards per catch (16.8). He is now on pace for 1,144 receiving yards and 9 touchdowns. While he is 18th in the NFL in receiving yards (942), every other player but two has more targets than he does. Ad Metcalf is fourth in yards per reception.

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