Seahawks News: DK Metcalf, Devon Witherspoon and Lions fans wearing ski masks

Seattle plays the Detroit Lions in Week 2 of the 2023 regular season.
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The Seattle Seahawks began the season 0-1 with a loss to the Los Angeles Rams, of course. But now they travel to play a tough Lions team in Detroit. Ford Field is going to be ultra-loud as Lions fans finally have a decent team to cheer for again.

To get the victory, Seattle needs nearly every facet of their team to play better (punter Michael Dickson is excused from this part of the conversation as he was great in Week 1). The offense gaining only 12 yards in the second half? That can't ever happen again. The defense allowing the Rams to convert 12 of 18 third and fourth down attempts? Nope, that can't happen either.

Many times we learn more about a season in Week 2 than Week 1. Anything can happen in the first week of a season. But let's hope in Week 2, we learn Seattle can win a football game in 2023. Here's some other news.

Seahawks might face Lions wearing ski masks

In warmups before the Detroit Lions' Week 1 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, Detroit safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson wore a bright blue ski mask. I guess he feels Lions fans reacted overly positively to him doing so and he has tweeted this week that he hopes to see Lions fans show up to Ford Field wearing ski masks themselves as they turn up to cheer for Detroit against the Seahawks in Week 2.

I am not overly sure if the people who run Ford Field and the Lions will be happy with thousands of people showing up with ski masks on as that seems, well...unsafe. Of course, this is Detroit so anything is possible, I imagine. But Lions fans have appeared to respond to Gardner-Johnson's request by buying up all the blue ski masks.

As a football fan, I have to admit that seeing a whole stadium of people wearing ski masks is both creepy and thrilling. But as someone who is unsure how safe other people and the players will be, I am a bit unsettled by what might happen in Detroit on Sunday. That goes for seeing the fans in the stands and watching the Seahawks play without both their starting offensive tackles.