Seahawks News: DK Metcalf, Devon Witherspoon and Lions fans wearing ski masks

Seattle plays the Detroit Lions in Week 2 of the 2023 regular season.
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Seahawks DK Metcalf says there was a 'lack of preparation' in Week 1

DK Metcalf has had quite the week. He scored a touchdown for Seattle in Week 1 - the team's only touchdown - and led the team in receiving, albeit with only 47 receiving yards. Was Metcalf's overall lack of production his fault, or Geno Smith's fault, or just the entire offense failed? Whatever the reason, let's hope Seattle's lack of output in the second half (12 total yards with 9 coming on the final meaningless play) never happens again.

But Metcalf echoed what Geno Smith said post-game after Week 1 that the Los Angeles Rams just "played harder" but Metcalf went one step further than Smith and said a "lack of preparation" and a lack of effort on his part played a big part over his being not as productive as one might hope. The preparation part is somewhat forgivable, but the lack of effort part is not for the player or 12s.

Metcalf said this week that "play after play, just 100% effort, it wasn’t just there like it’s been in the past...I can’t tell you (why I didn't give full effort). I think it’s just an inward experience, a lack of preparation on my part. Just got to do a better job preparing during the week and knowing my job."

It's great that DK Metcalf took ownership of what he wasn't able to accomplish in a game against inexperienced Rams cornerbacks. My own personal guess was that the Seahawks entered the game as if they had already won it against what many viewed as a diminished Rams squad. Instead, the Rams looked to be the ascending team and the Seahawks looked like they were worthy of getting a top-five pick in the 2024 NFL draft. Hopefully, Week 2 looks a lot better.