Seahawks News: DK Metcalf, Geno Smith, Russell Wilson and Week 4 rankings

  • DK Metcalf discusses the difference between Geno and Russ
  • Seattle was offered a great trade for Wilson in 2021
  • FanSided releases new power rankings
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DK Metcalf talks the differences between Geno Smith and Russell Wilson

DK Metcalf espouses his views with clarity, humor, and candor. When asked a question, he doesn't hem and haw his answer. And for a player who on the field can be bombastic and combative, sometimes costing his team with 15-yard penalties including taunting, unsportsmanlike conduct, and unnecessary roughness, off the field Metcalf can be charming and humorous.

So when DK Metcalf appeared on a recent episode of Robert Griffin III's "RG3 and The Ones" podcast and was asked by Griffin the difference between Geno and Russ, DK didn't hold back. According to Metcalf, with Wilson a receiver didn't really need to finish their routes and Wilson did not go through a full progression of reads. Meanwhile, with Smith, a receiver needs to be a bit more smart in their route-running.

With Smith, according to Metcalf, a receiver needs to finish their routes because Smith might still be looking for other options instead of just trying to go long or start running to try to pick up yards. In other words, Smith keeps running the design of the offense instead of free-lancing as much. No offense to Wilson, many times his improvisational skills turned out to be explosive plays with the Seahawks, but the same ability hasn't worked out as well for him while in Denver.

Also, the Seahawks and 12s are lucky to have DK Metcalf and Geno Smith working together. Metcalf's numbers aren't as high individually as when he played with Wilson, but the overall offense is just as good and mostly better. And it's that last part that matters most.

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