Seahawks News: DK Metcalf, Kyle Shanahan, Geno Smith and power rankings

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The Seattle Seahawks play on Monday Night Football in Week 15 of the 2023 season and will take on the Philadelphia Eagles. Seattle has lost four straight games, while the Eagles were a one-loss team just three weeks ago but have lost two straight games. Philadelphia is battling for the NFC East crown, while Seattle is still fighting to make the postseason.

No one seems to expect the Seahawks to win on Monday, though. No national pundits I have read are picking Seattle. But a victory by Seattle would completely change the outlook on the season.

The schedule does ease a bit after the Eagles game, though the Tennessee Titans did just defeat the Miami Dolphins so no team can be overlooked. Should Seattle defeat Philly, however, a 1-7 finish to the season is a real possibility. But that's getting way ahead of ourselves. Here is the news for Thursday.

Seattle Seahawks plummet in FanSided's NFL power rankings

Seemingly gone are the days when FanSided gave the Seahawks a break about a difficult stretch of the season and kept them in or near the top half of the NFL in the weekly rankings. After losing to the San Francisco 49ers in Week 14, Seattle fell from 18 to 25. That means FanSided (our parent site) thinks the Seahawks are the league team's bottom quarter.

Sure, Seattle is struggling offensively and it's been a fairly rough year compared to preseason expectations, but is Seattle worse than the New York Giants and Chicago Bears? The excellent Russell Baxter believes so. I disagree, especially when the Giants are concerned.

As far as the rest of Seattle's schedule is concerned, the Eagles are ranked 6, the Tennessee Titans are 23, the Pittsburgh Steelers are 21, and the Arizona Cardinals are 29. Based on the rankings alone, Seattle should be expected to lose three more games. How does a 7-10 record sound? Not very good.