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Kyle Shanahan wanted DK Metcalf to 'lose his mind'

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan wanted his players to do something to disrupt and upset DK Metcalf in Week 14 as Shanahan reportedly said, "We will get ‘14’ to lose his mind...Christmas present for whoever gets him." Maybe he said the last part jokingly, but if he didn't, linebacker Fred Warner is getting the gift.

But should he? While DK Metcalf did get ejected from the game late in the fourth quarter and received a 15-yard penalty, Warner should have also been punished and wasn't. You likely saw what happened, but Seahawks quarterback Drew Lock threw an interception after his arm had been hit, and the ball was picked off by Warner. Metcalf was near Warner after he caught the ball, and Metcalf slammed Warner to the ground in an attempt to tackle the 49er. The issue was Warner had already lateralled the ball to a teammate, though Metcalf could not have seen that.

Warner then got up and, with Metcalf still on the ground, Warner pushed Metcalf's head from behind. This caused Metcalf to jump up and grab Warner by the facemask and a fracas occurred. Metcalf likely needed to be ejected simply because it was so late in a game that had long-been decided and the officials needed to keep the peace.

But Warner should have also been ejected as he was the real reason what happened next ensued. Warner just laughed the moment off post-game, though. He can do that because Metcalf's temper is well-known and the 49ers got their wish by Metcalf overreacting. But at least Metcalf showed he cared about the game.