Seahawks News: DK Metcalf, Week 6 concerns, Russell Wilson and Devon Witherspoon

  • DK gets a new endorsement deal
  • Did the Bengals just wake up?
  • The Russell Wilson trade is completely one-sided

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DK Metcalf gets an endorsement with an important company

Doesn't it seem like clothing company Lululemon has been around for centuries? Maybe they have (I am too lazy to look it up), but they seem recently to be making more aggressive plays to sign athletes to sell their items. One of those players is DK Metcalf who recently signed an endorsement deal to be the only current NFL player on Lululemon's group of athletes.

Other athletes currently attached to the Lululemon brand include the NBA's Jordan Clarkson, the NHL's Connor Bedard, tennis player Leylah Fernandez and ultra runner Camille Herron. As it is football season and DK Metcalf is, of course, a football player, maybe 12s will get to see a bunch of ads featuring the Seahawks receiver. We do know that Metcalf will be featured in the company's "Get Into It" campaign.

In other DK Metcalf news, it appears he has learned a bit of American Sign Language (ASL) and is using that to trash talk some opponents. I am not sure this is really cool or just extremely disrespectful to every human being who might be involved. Knowing it's Metcalf and that he has a good sense of humor, I am going to side on the positive part.

Metcalf explained the situation on a recent episode of the Rich Eisen Show and said, "I kept getting flags for my mouthing, so, got sign my s**t talkin' now." Well, that makes sense. But I bet there is some NFL referee that will also learn ASL just so he can find a way to throw a flag on Metcalf.