Seahawks News: Drew Lock, LOB 2.0, and national predictions

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The Seattle Seahawks play the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday at 10 am PT in Week 6 of the 2023 season. Seattle is 3-1 while the Bengals are 2-3. Also, for the record, tigers are not native to the southern Ohio landscape while the name "Seahawks" is both alliterative and an homage to the sea-going ospreys that live in the Pacific Northwest.

That said, there are no real cats or birds that play for either team. That would be unfair as the cats would be so physically gifted as to make them impossible to tackle and the birds would simply poo on everyone. The game would be gracefully one-sided if one animal was involved by one team and disgusting if the other animal was (the bird...I am talking about the bird).

All that said, real homo sapiens do play each other on Sunday when the Seattle human football team plays the human football team from Cincinnati. Ironically, while the ball the teams use is sometimes called a pigskin, the ball is not actually made from a pig (thankfully). At least, I hope not. But here is some other news about the game.

Seattle Seahawks have a potential LOB 2.0?

Well, here is the matchup that will likely decide the outcome of the game. If Joe Burrow and his cats...I mean, receivers...can play run and catch fairly easily against Seattle then Cincinnati is going to move to 3-3 and Seattle will fall to 3-2. The Bengals have two excellent receivers in Ja'Marr Chase and Tee Higgins, though Higgins might still be a game-time decision after injuring his ribs in Week 3.

Also, as an aside, maybe Higgins just has a thing for felines, and that's OK if he does. He played for the Oak Ridge Wildcats in high school, then played for the Clemson Tigers in college, and now he plays for the Bengals. He is a free agent after this year but Cincinnati should feel safe that he re-signs with them, if Higgins' love of cats is true, because their only competition for him in free agency would be the Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, or Carolina Panthers (that's limited competition for Cincy).

But seriously, Seattle's secondary is going to be as healthy as it has been all season so Burrow and friends will go straight-up against Riq Woolen, Devon Witherspoon, Tre Brown, Jamal Adams, Julian Love, and Quandre Diggs. If Seattle really is forming a Legion of Boom 2.0 then this could be the game that proves or disavows that hope.